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Living Arts College

The STUDIO ARTS CAMPUS at Raleigh, North Carolina  - Living Arts has graduated top talent for 25+ years. Now you can find out how to break in because you have reel world production know-how. Small classes and a "connected" faculty make the difference.

Experiences instead of assignments result in graduates being studio ready - Living Arts is pragmatic about students undertaking gaming projects, getting rewarded with tough critiques. This is a new kind of skill building—by doing!

Get added VFX core experience - Living Arts staff and faculty stay tuned to industry trends and techniques. Plan to practice applied creativity via emerging technology and valued story content demands.

Making the Magic for 25+ Years

Professor George LeChevallier
welcomes you to grow
your creativity

Project Based Experiences Taught by Industry Professionals

  • Core Animation Practice
  • Arnold Lighting & Rendering
  • NUKE Compositing
  • Production Workflow
  • Story & Directing
  • Portfolio Development

Living Arts creates the studio professionals who make the digital magic!

Get there faster with a PID - Professional Intensive Diploma or 3 year BA Degree - Living Arts is the top animation school for those who want core skills in less time with less cost.


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we'll talk about your potential as a creativity professional in VFX, Animation, Film, 
Photography, Audio
Design, Media Design
or Interior Design

Qualify for a DEGREE
or shorter 12 MONTH PID—Professional Intensive Diploma

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